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Your rewards are on their way!

Hello Team Indivisible!

I am so excited to let you know that your rewards are on their way! Many of you should have already received a thank you post card or your blue 11 Million Dreams t-shirt. And be sure to check out your name on the supporter page of Indivisible's website.


This weekend I will be busy packaging up your Indivisible t-shirts. Start checking your mail next week! And email a picture of yourself wearing your shirt to if you want to be featured on Indivisible's Facebook page or in a future Kickstarter update.

If you haven't filled out your Kickstarter survey yet, please be sure to submit it soon so I can send you your reward. If you can't find your survey, send an email to and I will be sure to sort you out.

Indivisible will be filming quite a bit in February, so stay tuned for updates!

All my thanks,


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