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Renata leaves for Brazil in less than two weeks!

Last week we shared the exciting news that Renata had received special permission to travel to Brazil. Renata leaves in less than two weeks, and Indivisible wants to accompany her to film the momentous reunion with her family. But this will only be possible if our Kickstarter campaign is successful. If you have already given, thank you so much for helping us realize this incredible opportunity. If you haven’t joined Indivisible’s team yet, please consider making a pledge today. With only 4 days to go in our Kickstarter campaign, every dollar counts!

In Update #2, we shared an interview with Renata filmed after she saw her mom for the first time in six years. Today, we wanted to share some additional exclusive footage of Renata and her mom at the Arizona-Mexico border fence. With your help,Indivisible will be able to film them as they reunite for the first time without a fence between them!

With sincere gratitude,


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