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Quick: Vote for Indivisible!

I'm excited to announce that Indivisible is up for Project of the Week on Indiewire! Please click here to vote for us before voting ends Monday morning at 11:00am EST. It only takes a moment and would mean a lot to us!

If Indivisible wins, we receive a free digital distribution consultation with SnagFilms, which means we get to talk to experts about how to get Indivisible viewed by as many people as possible online! Plus, if we win Project of the Week, we move on to compete for Project of the Month and a free consultation with the Tribeca Film Institute. Very cool!

I'm also excited to announce that BuzzFeed's "45 Most Powerful Photos of 2013" includes the heart wrenching photo of Renata--one of the Dreamers featured inIndivisible--and her mother reuniting at the Arizona-Mexico border fence. The photo was taken by Samantha Sais and was featured on the front page of The New York Times. Thanks to Samantha's generosity, you can purchase a professional 8x10 print of this photo at a deep discount ($85) by supporting Indivisible's Kickstarter campaign. And, of course, Indivisible will feature video footage from this emotional moment in the completed film.


The New York Times cover photo featuring Renata and her mother, taken by Samantha Sais. The photo was selected by BuzzFeed as one of the 45 most powerful photographs of 2013.

Happy weekend,


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