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Interested in sharing Indivisible with your classroom or on campus?  Read what educators have said about the film:

Indivisible is a beautifully shot, edited and profoundly moving film which captures the tragic consequences of U.S. immigration policies that separate children from their families.  By focusing on the efforts of a small group of 'Dreamers' working in different political contexts to make family reunification a part of any immigration reform legislation, this very timely film is not only highly informative but should also help stimulate wide spread discussion around possible solutions.   Indivisible should be 'must viewing' for all members of Congress, state legislatures and the general voting public.  It would also work well in the educational market, helping stimulate discussions in sociology, anthropology, political science, Latin American Studies classes, as well as many other disciplines.

Bob Gliner - Professor Emeritus, Sociology - Documentary Film Producer -San Jose State University


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